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Naturally removing fallopian tube scar tissue & other issues

posted Jun 01, 2012 22:15:54 by Alyssa
I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2007 via laparoscopy. During that surgery, the doctor removed a large blood clot, verified I have endometriosis, & determined that I have severe scarring with my right fallopian tube completely encased by scar tissue. He put me on Lupron, which was a complete disaster & actually seemed to make the pain of endometriosis worse while resulting in a massive weight gain (70 lbs in 6 mos). More than a year later, I got pregnant with the first of my two beautiful children. Ever since these medical procedures, I have been wary of modern medical procedures & have been looking into alternative options. During the birth of my second child this year, I believe the scar tissue surrounding my right fallopian tube actually tore (quite painfully), & I've been researching natural ways to help my body get rid of the offending tissue. I've read a lot about deep tissue massage (especially the Wurm or Wurt method?) & the use of enzymes to help break down the tissue.

What is your experience with naturally treating scar tissue, especially in the fallopian tube area? Also, is there a way to naturally help the body eliminate blood clots? (I have a fear of them, especially after this last delivery.) I'm breastfeeding, so I'm also concerned with any treatments I might undergo & how they would affect my milk. I'm curious about detoxing, but I worry about how a normal detox might release too many toxins at once into my milk supply. Is there a way to slowly detox safely?

I greatly abused my body for years with drugs & alcohol & smoking, so I know there's a lot of toxins built up in my fat stores, not to mention GMOs, preservatives, etc. Also, I'm fairly sure the Lupron is also still in my system, even 5 years later. I continue to struggle with losing all the weight I gained, & I've just recently started researching naturopathic medicine as a way to achieve all of the goals I've referenced above.

Thanks for any replies!
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